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Why Solar Energy?

In the past few decades fossil fuels have been our primary energy source and have been comprehensively applied to generate the different kinds of power people need in their daily lives.

However, there is a problem we will definitely encounter in the future. One day, this source will be gone. In addition, though we take advantage of fossil fuels our planet is undergoing extreme climate change and the ecosystem disorder this is causing.

That is the reason we need to find alternative energy sources to replace fossil fuels.

Why should solar energy be our substitute source of energy? How can it benefit us? It is a renewable, free, clean and abundant energy source with none of the above problems. Solar energy systems are not just utilized or designed for power plants, but are also quite suitable to power your home in an environmentally-friendly way. To ensure the performance of the system, we only need to select qualified and durable photovoltaic modules and have them professionally installed on the roof of your home. In this way, we can easily enjoy green energy and save on power bills at the same time. 


How does solar energy work?

When sunlight strikes a photovoltaic module, one of its components, the solar cell, will absorb and convert the sunlight into electricity. A photovoltaic module consists of a solar cell, glass, EVA , backsheet and frame. It is formed by a combination of different materials. PV arrays are grouped by a series of photovoltaic modules. They can be mounted at different tilt angles and orientations to capture optimal amounts of sunlight. 

When PV arrays start to generate power, we can use an inverter to turn direct current (DC) solar electricity into alternating current (AC) electricity. AC electricity, the same as utility grid power, is used by household appliances. Any solar electricity in excess of what your home instantly uses is sent to the utility grid to provide clean power to others or we can use a storage system to store it.


What should we focus on before harnessing solar power in the home?

Through the above explanations, we understand how sunlight is converted into electricity. If we are a household that would like to set up a solar system on the roof and start to enjoy the power of the sun, what essentials should we focus on before doing it?

1. Tilt angle and orientation: 

The performance of a PV system is heavily reliant on professional design to put the solar panel at the correct tilt angle and orientation to absorb maximum sunlight irradiation.

2. Shading effect: 

What objects will cause the panels to be shaded? For example, trees, nearby tall buildings, chimneys.

Find a suitable size and location where no objects cast shadow on your solar system causing energy loss.    

3. Performance guarantee: 

We will look for a solar system consulter who can help us to choose a sustainable equipment supplier. In this way we ensure that your solar solution will give you 25 years or more of trouble-free power supply.

According to the above essentials, our advice is that choosing the right solution provider is your first priority.

We believe AUO can provide a comprehensive system solution including high performance products, professional system design, installation, consultation, and services and is the right choice to harness solar power in your home.